We. Family.

Hello everyone.

With the Geigelstein Chalet we have been able to realize our common passion to carefully restore a historic building and breathe the wind of the now. Every stone, every wall, every piece of wood, the iron fittings ... passed through our hands.

For us as a host family, there is nothing more beautiful than to share our country life happiness with you. Enjoy the peace and discover the wonderful nature here with us on the doorstep. The Geigelstein Chalet is the perfect hideaway for families, recreation-seeking athletes and everyone who is looking for something special with that certain something.

We look forward to meeting you!
Sabine & Klaus

The Rachlhof.

The jewel - the Rachlhof - in the center of Unterwössen, was long hidden. The overgrown garden of the estate let us only guess from the outside what is hidden behind it. The hidden charm immediately drew us under its spell. The entire farmhouse chalet is a listed building. The traditional substance had to be preserved - every stone and every piece of wood has its story to tell.

The first available records date back to around 1552, and the former property consisted of a dwelling house and barn with a small courtyard. For a long time it stood as good as empty.

When we started the reconstruction, it was important to us to carefully preserve the centuries-old history and architecture of the house and to give it a place in the new, complemented with modern design and living comfort.